Our growth comes from increasing safety research demands

As PARTNER we welcome you to join the Brighton spirit, which describes a community culture with the following characteristics:

♦ inclusive and collaborative, rather than competitive or exclusive
♦ personal and individual, rather than formal
♦ open source mentality
♦ global expertise for local issues, local experts collaborating to solve global issues
♦ flat hierarchy where everybody has a voice

We come together, not as representatives of organizations or nations, but as individuals with specific expertise. Our network includes professionals from the following sectors:

♦ Regulatory organizations
♦ Public Health Service Authorities
♦ Academic Institutions/patient care
♦ Vaccine Manufacturers

As the field of vaccine safety has grown, so has the Brighton Collaboration. Our ground breaking projects have attracted researchers to join what has become the world’s largest network of vaccine safety professionals. Become a PARTNER join us!