Bringing Collaboration to a New Level

Empowering collaborators spanning the globe to participate in projects specific to each member’s area of expertise and interest without regard to geographic constraints is one of our biggest challenges. 
To meet this challenge, we have developed an online platform for real time data sharing and scientific collaboration as a basis for an integrated research infrastructure.
Our goal was to make this online platform resemble a ‘virtual’ research institute.  In this way, members can get to know each other, share ideas, and develop projects in a complete, well thought out, secure fashion. 

Below are the leading characteristics of the platform:
  • Enable bottom-up collaboration between local professionals with a global team of experts
  • Closely integrate our boards, team members and project partners
  • Rapid project set-up
  • Create transparency and traceability
  • One electronic work environment for all project participants
  • A collaboration directory with information about partners
  • 24/7 web-based collaboration across time zones
  • No special hardware or software to be installed or ports to be opened in firewalls
  • Members can participate freely with confidential information protected
  • New team members can quickly navigate their way around
  •  Full security and minimum user and access right administration
  • Structured communication reduces number of emails related to a project
  • Ensure consistently high standard of quality across projects
  • Automated standard operating procedures and workflows to facilitate project monitoring
  • Identify, overcome and minimize project performance risks at early stages
  • Single repository for project information – minutes, drawings, documents, etc.
  • Comprehensive online document management
  • Inline document editing tool - real-time "wiki-style" editing with versioning
  • Easy data sharing between centers
  • Freely definable, dynamic folders with customisable filters and personal views of data

    ...and many more features in the pipeline.