We conduct and promote clinical studies

For individuals with AEFI, thorough assessment of their condition is paramount, not only for the management of the respective event, but also to advance the science of vaccine safety. Globally, few have the specific expertise and facilities needed to properly study such individuals. At the Brighton Collaboration, we leverage our network of international experts to assist globally in exchanging information on such events and to help advance vaccine safety science.


  • First GLobal Clinical Advisory Forum of Experts. Open platform for vaccine safety specialists to globally exchange information and advance vaccine safety science.
  • Providing tools facilitating the evaluation of individual patients based on current evidence.
  • Developed electronic tools for evaluation of AEFI diagnostic certainty.

Study Groups

Study groups are typically comprised of multidisciplinary teams comming from study centers in different countries. Most studies are conducted in the frame of research grants, thus the structure varies slightly between projects.


The results of our vaccine safety and evaluation studies are published in peer reviewed journals. We aim for the widest possible distribution of Brighton publications. They are made available pending copyright regulations of the publisher.