We Link Large Data

Serious AEFI causally related to licensed vaccines are usually rare (<1:100,000). However, they become relatively prominent when millions of healthy persons are vaccinated and the target disease disappears. Their reliable detection and evaluation is important to provide best care. The rarity of such events makes detection and analysis possible only through linkage of large digital databases across countries. The Brighton Collaboration with its partners has made this a working reality.


  • Partnership of databases across many countries covering over 50 million individuals for vaccine outcome studies.
  • With our partners, we pioneered international large scale vaccine outcome studies:
  • We provided multinational background incidence rates of serious and rare AEFI.
  • We provided rapid and comprehensive multinational evaluations of safety signals following pandemic H1N1 vaccine.

Working Groups

Working Groups are typically comprised of multidisciplinary teams coming from study centers in different countries. These Working Groups build strategies to establish large linked databases.


The establishment of large linked databases follows our "Brighton linkage program". This is a comprehensive approach based on best practices in other domains of data linkage.

Data Links

We coordinate the European Vaccine Safety Data Link (EVSD) and we are project partners in a pilot study of an envisioned global vaccine safety data link.