We develop protocols for investigators

The Brighton Collaboration is committed to develop template protocols for use by investigators as guidance or like a "checklist". Designing protocols can take up to 50% of the time and resources in the design phase of research projects.  Through standardization we are freeing the researcher from re-inventing the wheel at considerable cost. 

By using Brighton template protocols together with the respective guidelines, researchers leverage the most experienced minds in vaccine safety and add value to their study by making the results more transparent and comparable. These protocols are continuously being refined as we receive feedback from investigators.

Working Groups

Working Groups work as multidisciplinary teams consisting of 5 - 20 volunteers with relevant experience in patient care, public health, clinical trials, safety surveillance and safety assessment from developed and developing countries. Volunteers are actively sought by the Brighton Team, can be recommended, or can volunteer themselves.


Protocol development follows the established standard "Brighton method" for the development of case definitions. This is based on systematic review of current evidence, consensus formation, structured peer review and scientific publication.

Brighton Protocols

Our protocols have been developed for the World Health Organization, the European Centre of Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Research Directorate.