Viral Vector Templates for global use

The Brighton Collaboration is committed to develop and update profiles describing the key characteristics of each major viral vector in use for vaccine development, based on best available scientific evidence. 

Working Group

The Viral Vector Vaccines Safety Working Group (V3SWG) was launched in 2009 to develop a template for characterization of vectors. Based on the template, the Working Group is developing a library of specific viral vector profiles. The V3SWG is comprised of over 30 volunteers from around the world coming from different professional backgrounds including academia, regulatory authorities, public health agencies, and vaccine manufacturers.
The V3SWG adapted a template initially developed by the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI). Various experts in a specific viral vector were then contacted and asked to complete the template for a given vector. In a first step, the template is completed by two separate experts, and disagreements are resolved using a third expert as arbitrator. The template and disagreements are then discussed in a conference call with the other members of the Working Group. The workgroup recognizes that there can be differences of opinion and that scientific truth is evolving in an emerging scientific field. 


Protocol development follows the established standard "Brighton method" for the development of case definitions. This is based on systematic review of current evidence, consensus formation, structured peer review and scientific publication.

Viral Vector Templates

We are developing and maintaining an online library of viral vector vaccines as part of the vaccine safety resources proivided by the global network.