• We are a global research network
  • We do not advocate for specific vaccines
  • We do not receive funding from specific manufacturers
  • We are a scientifically independent network consisting mainly of volunteers
  • We are a non-profit partnership providing high quality vaccine safety information


To enhance the science of vaccine research by providing standardized, validated, and objective methods for monitoring safety profiles and benefit to risk ratios of vaccines.


The widespread elimination of formerly epidemic diseases has led to reduced concern about the threat of epidemics and heightened public concern about vaccine safety issues.

Maintaining public confidence in vaccines requires provision of the best possible documentation of vaccine safety profiles and benefit-risk ratios and addressing the drivers of public distrust. Unwarranted and legitimate emerging vaccine safety concerns alike are best addressed with scientifically valid systems in place to rapidly detect, analyze and communicate accurate information on adverse events following immunization (AEFI) by identifying real safety issues and dispelling unwarranted concerns.

The success of vaccines brings the responsibility to ensure that immunizations remain as safe as possible, particularly since they are given to healthy individuals.

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