Brighton Collaboration Science Board Election Announcement

The current Brighton Collaboration Science Board has voted to accept all 16 candidates onto the new Brighton Collaboration Science Board. After consideration of all the candidates and given current unique circumstances, the nominating committee (consisting of the 3 outgoing SB members) proposed that all candidates be appointed to a provisional Science Board for the next two years rather than have an election that would result in only 10 of the 16 being appointed to the board. Click here to download the full explanation to not hold elections this year.

We are now asking for approval from Brighton members on the Board’s decision to not hold elections this year. Please review the full list of Science Board candidates and their qualifications (click here) as well as their Brighton experience and areas of expertise (click here) before voting via google forms: 

We ask you please take the time to review and vote on this decision by COB January 3rd, 2022.