SPEAC DSMB Pool expansion to non-CEPI developers

As part of its role to support the assessment of safety of vaccines being evaluated in CEPI funded clinical trials, the Safety Platform for Emergency Vaccines (SPEAC) project has been tasked with developing a pool of potential members from the target disease areas that are candidates to serve on the study sponsor Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs). The goal of this effort was to develop a roster of qualified individuals from each study region, from which study sponsors can select members to constitute their study DSMBs.

We have developed an initial list of 48 potential candidates for the SPEAC DSMB Pool that we can now make available to non-CEPI developers as our capacity allows. If sponsors are interested in obtaining a member for their study DSMB, please contact Steve Black MD at steve.black@CEPI.net specifying your need, and we will respond to you with potential members as available. If there is interest in a particular member, SPEAC will contact this person, obtain a current CV and COI statement as well as confirmation of their availability.