Soluble glycoprotein vaccine to prevent disease caused by Nipah or Hendra viruses: standardized template

Auro Vaccines LLC has developed a protein vaccine to prevent disease from Nipah and Hendra virus infection that employs a recombinant soluble Hendra glycoprotein (HeV-sG) adjuvanted with aluminum phosphate. This vaccine is currently under clinical evaluation in a Phase 1 study. The Benefit-Risk Assessment of VAccines by TechnolOgy Working Group (BRAVATO; ex-V3SWG) has prepared a standardized template to describe the key considerations for the benefit-risk assessment of protein vaccines. This will help key stakeholders to assess potential safety issues and understand the benefit-risk of such a vaccine platform. The structured and standardized assessment provided by the template may also help contribute to improved public acceptance and communication of licensed protein vaccines.

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