VAC4EU open community Webinar: thrombotic and thrombocytopenia events

In the light of the persisting questions and occurrence of thrombotic and/or thrombocytopenia events occurring in relation to COVID-19 vaccines we would like to invite you to a webinar to discuss the identification of these events retrospectively in existing primary care and hospital databases. The aim is to discuss and agree on algorithms and code lists for single events and the combination of events (i.e., thrombotic with/without thrombocytopenia), both for studies as well as to improve background rates. While we are continuingly updating code lists and addressing requests from EMA there is international alignment needed.


1) Short summary of the cases (Robert Chen, Steve Black, Brighton Collaboration)
2) Draft case definition (SPEAC): (Robert Chen, Brighton Collaboration)
2) Overview of potential ICD9CM, RCD2, ICD10CM, ICPC and SNOMED codes (Miriam Sturkenboom, UMCU/Brighton Collaboration, Carlos Duran, UMC Utrecht)
3) Algorithm proposals (combination of thrombosis and thrombocytopenia)

Click here to view the recording from the VAC4EU Webinar: thombotic and thrombocytopenia events.

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