Within the context of the Covid19 Vaccine Introduction Program (COVIP), the CARESAFE project builds on existing CDC and Task Force for Global Health (TFGH)/Brighton Collaboration (BC) platforms and technical expertise to work with low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) to pilot several approaches to strengthen their capacity for pharmacovigilance of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events following immunization (AEFI)/of special interest (AESI). The activities of the CARESAFE project aim to strengthen the capacity of LMIC in reliably and sustainably monitoring the safety of vaccine. The project supports LMIC that have requested CDC support or have worked with CDC or The Task Force on immunization program strengthening in the past. The work spans countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Technical areas of focus include the following:

  1. AEFI / AESI Surveillance:
    • Passive surveillance
    • Active surveillance
    • Cohort Event Monitoring (CEM),
    • Hospital-based Sentinel Surveillance (HBSS),
    • Health and Demographic Surveillance Site (HDSS)
  2. Vaccine Related Event (VRE) Plan Development and Implementation

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